Still my favorite part of senior year is being a Shelby Senior! Shelby Photography is absolutely amazing. Cindy and her team are absolute sweethearts and make you feel so comfortable. Also you will fall deeply and madly in love with Cindy's big heart

- Olga

My daughter Olga just got done with her senior picture photo shoot. I was impressed by Cindy and her team and their professionalism, attention to detail, and the way they connected to my teenager. Olga had a blast and I enjoyed watching as Cindy brought out the inner and outer beauty of Olga.

- Mom

I just had my senior pictures with Cindy and it was SO much fun! I loved getting my hair and makeup done before with her stylist, and going to all of the beautiful locations! She was the sweetest and awesome to work with. There was never a moment that felt rushed or uncomfortable; it was definitely an amazing experience I won't forget. From a few pictures she showed me during the session, I already love them and can't wait to see the rest!

- Maria

My daughter Maria had her senior pictures taken today and we had a great experience. Cindy was thoughtful and caring about making sure our session went perfectly. She is a true professional dedicated to ensuring each senior feels special.

- Mom

Cindy is a truly amazing photographer. Cindy and her assistant are the best team together and are very talented! They are fantastic with listening to your ideas from hobbies, locations, clothes and everything in between. They truly do everything they can to make you feel beautiful and are willing to do everything it takes to get your pictures looking the best they can be.

- Emma

Cindy is remarkable! She takes time to know enough about each person that she can talk them through what's happening. She can easily get a laugh, an appropriate smile for what she's looking for, or a more serious look.

- Mom

Having my senior pictures done by Shelby Photography was definitely an experience to remember! I had so much fun working with Cindy, she was so sweet and patient with me. I enjoyed everything from the outfits to hair and makeup, and the different locations where we shot at. Cindy is an amazing photographer.

- Katelyn

Our senior picture experience was absolutely amazing! Cindy is truly the best! You can tell she totally loves what she does by the way she interacts with the seniors. She is gifted with coming up with ideas, poses and locations for the best shots. I appreciated as a parent being involved in the process. 

- Mom

I just got my senior pictures done with Cindy and wouldn't want to have my pictures taken anywhere else. She puts so much time into making each session great and fun.

- Renee

What a perfect day we had for my daughter’s senior pictures with Shelby Photography! The weather was great, the time just flew by, and Cindy and Stephanie made every minute of it a pleasure. Cindy is very detailed, and I appreciated the outfit consultation last week and the places we went to today. She a literally thinks of everything, and I enjoyed being able to sit back and watch them work their magic.

- Mom

Wow, you really can't image what an amazing experience it is to have your senior photographs taken by Cindy until you try it! Her team of professionals know just how to bring out your natural beauty and give you the confidence to capture amazing pictures. So much more than just beautiful pictures.

- Autumn

Autumn working with Shelby photography was a great experience! Cindy made it so much fun! As she takes pictures she shows you some so you can get a little preview, which I love! Overall a very enjoyable time and beautiful pictures!

- Mom








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