Lindy’s Downtown Market – Shelby Senior Grocery Store Session

April 25, 2018

If you know me, you know that I love my hometown of Washington, I love food, and I love being creative with my Shelby Senior model team!  So I decided to incorporate these three loves and do a “grocery store challenge” at Lindy’s Downtown Market.  Three of my goofy, silly, beautiful Shelby Seniors participated in a fun little afternoon shoot at the store using food as props.  The potato chip aisle has never looked more beautiful, LOL!

People drive from miles to visit Lindy’s who happens to be celebrating their 60th year if business.  It opened in 1958 as a small two aisle grocery store on the Washington Square.  Since then, they have become one of the larges family owned grocery stores in Central IL.  You can learn more about their story here!

Just to brag about this awesome hometown market.. the meat department is the cornerstone of their business. They cut one brand of beef – Creekstone Farms USDA Choic 100% Black Angus Premium Beef. Creekstone Farms is one of 5 USDA certified meat companies in the United States.

Their fresh produce is some of the very best and it comes from the Indianapolis Fruit company that is family owned with local growers.  The delicatessen and bakery happens to be my favorite department at Lindy’s with homemade salads, Boar’s Head meats and cheeses, and the BEST homemade desserts. I mean.. THE BEST!

And then let’s not forget the speciality grocery wth Robert Rothschild, Stonewall Kitchen, Harry and David, Davis Brother’s Pizza, Wind & Willow, Elki Gourmet and more.  And this is a senior post, so I’ll just keep this part short and sweet… the wine!!  The wine selection is FABULOUS!!

We are so lucky to have this grocery store in Washington!

Thank you Lindy’s for letting us hang out with the fruits and vegetables!!  We had a great time!

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