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November 19, 2017

Meet the AUH-dorable, Class of 2018 senior from Metamora Township High School, Lauryn Kelly!!  All I could think of during her senior session is that she is soooooo stinkin’ cute!  She has the bluest eyes, cutest outfits, and adorable personality.  Central IL  fall weather can be unpredictable and one thing that I would like to point out is that it was freezing cold, windy, and overcast on the day of her senior session.  If I remember correctly, we had to reschedule our original date so I didn’t want to re-schedule this date if we didn’t have to.. And Lauryn, well.. this girl didn’t complain ONE BIT.  She had huge goosebumps and may or may not have been shivering but she rocked the smile, had a great attitude, and we had the best time ever!   Her senior pictures turned out absolutely perfect.

Lauryn would describe her personality as enthusiastic, bubbly, positive, shy, and funny!  Her perfect day would include waking up early to hit the beach while building sand castles and boogie boarding all day long. In the evening, Lauryn and her family would dress up and go out to eat at a beachfront restaurant.

Lauryn participates in Tennis, Student Council, and Medical Careers Club. A moment she is most proud of is picking up a tennis racquet at the beginning of the summer and making the varsity tennis team her junior year!  She loves reading, cooking/baking, hanging out with friends, and volunteering at the hospital.  After high school, she plans on attending Purdue to major in nursing.   Lauryn is most motivated by “Deadlines and the satisfaction of knowing I completed a task to the best of my ability.”  Advice to incoming freshman: “I would tell incoming freshmen to get involved in as many activities as they can because that is how you meet new people! Also, do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try new things/activities!”

Something interesting about herself: “I was born with black hair and it fell out a grew back blonde!”

If she could travel anywhere, she would go to the Hawaiian Islands and make sure to visit the Dole Pineapple Plantation because she loves pineapples!  In fact, I think she said she will be going to Oahu after she graduates.  If she could have any superpower, she would choose the ability to fly because she would never have to pay for a plane ticket and she could go anywhere in the world! If she was stranded on a deserted island with only one other person, she would choose her best friend Emma Kate because she is very resourcful and would be great company. The most unusual thing she has ever eaten is a chocolate covered grasshopper!  The most daring thing she has ever done is Parasailing

Three things on her bucket list include 1. Go to Hawaii and try surfing 2. Swim with dolphins 3 .Participate in a flash mob

Lauryn says that her dad is her hero because “because he is a hard worker and is the kindest person I know!  My favorite thing about my mom is how positive and encouraging she is. My favorite thing about my dad is his sense of humor and his ability to always make me laugh/smile.”

Here are some of Lauryn’s fun favorites:

  1. Singers – My favorite singer is Taylor Swift (I have been to all of her tours)! I also love Beyoncé
  2. Foreign food – Italian
  3. Meal – Pasta with five cheese marinara sauce from Olive Garden
  4. Family recipe – Grandma’s peanut butter fudge
  5. Family trip – My favorite family trip was to San Diego because of the pretty beaches, amazing weather, and awesome seafood!
  6. Holiday – Christmas!! I love decorating the christmas tree, watching christmas movies with my family, baking cookies, and giving/receiving presents!
  7. Holiday tradition – My favorite holiday tradition is going to the Christmas Eve church service and then going back home to watch Hallmark Christmas movies and drink hot chocolate with my family!
  8. Childhood memory – My favorite childhood memory is going to Disney World and eating breakfast with the Disney Princesses.
  9. Family motto – To always treat people with kindness and to try your best at everything you do.
  10. Person that makes her laugh the most – My best friend, Carrlee

Class of 2018 Senior Pictures
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