Katie Schmidgall | Class of 2019 | Dee-Mack High School

June 25, 2018

Meet the stunning Class of 2019 Shelby Senior, Katie Schmidgall from Dee-Mack High School!  I’m so excited to share this beauty’s senior pictures!  Getting to know Katie this year has been the very BEST!!  I adore her!

Katie’s red pick up truck is even bigger than it looks in this picture.. yes, I attempted to get up into it to drive it and once I actually got there, it was pretty fun, but getting to that point was ridiculous!  Katie hops into it without any trouble!

Katie would describe herself as very outgoing, edgy, and funny.  “I’m not a typical girly girl and think I’m unique!”  Some of her hobbies include listening to music, hiking, and spending time with friends.  In fact, she would describe her perfect day as “sweatshirt type weather, getting outside and taking a hike.

The school event that Katie most looks forward to is football games because her school and community is very supportive of the team and it’s always a fun environment to be in!  She loves to play softball but her favorite sport is football because she is a HUGE Miami Dolphins fan and she grew up watching her brother play football.

One of her favorite teachers in high school is Mrs. Uner because, “she is honestly the sweetest lady I have ever met and she will go out of her way to help her students.”  A moment she is most proud of would have to be, being chosen to have one of her art projects being shown at the HOIC fair as an Art I student.  Katie plans on attending ICC after graduation and wants to major in Mental Health Counseling.  Advice to incoming freshman: “Take high school seriously but still have fun while you’re there, to goes by fast!”

The most daring thing she has ever done was shaving the sides of her head and the most unusual thing she has ever eaten is Sushi.  If Katie could travel anywhere in the world, she would want to go to Australia so that she could see all of the wildlife an the amazing parts of nature, indigenous to the country.  Actually, Katie would love to travel all over the world and Paragliding is on her bucket list!

“My hero is my Grandpa Jack because he has been working so hard since he was in high school to support his family and now he is fighting cancer and he couldn’t be stronger.”  One of the best things about her mom is, “My mom works so hard for our family since she is a single mom and she always makes sure she has time for my brother and I.”

Here are some of Katie’s fun favorites and facts!

  1. Family trip – Branson Missouri because my mom and I always go shopping and spend a lot of time at the beach
  2. Holiday tradition – On New Years Eve my family and I always go eat at a Chinese buffet
  3. Family recipe – Homemade chicken and noodles
  4. Favorite band/singers – Grateful Dead
    Dirty Heads
    Rage Against the Machine
  5. Holiday – Halloween
  6. Childhood memory – riding on the tractor with her Grandpa Alvin to go feed and water the cows
  7. One meal she could eat all of the time – Fettuccine Alfredo
  8. Something random about herself – She can eat ice cream and longboard at the same time!



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