Kaitlyn Campbell | Class of 2019 Shelby Senior | Pekin Community High School

June 28, 2018

Meet the crazy-beautiful, funny, sweet, girly-tomboy, talented, and stunning, Kaitlyn Campbell from Pekin Community High School!  She pretty much charmed the daylights out of my camera… it looooooved her!!

“When you first get to meet me i am extremely shy and hard to talk to but once we get to know each other i begin to warm up to you and i can be a great companion. i also will share my humor with you as a way to show friendship”

Kaitlyn participates in softball all year round, in and out of school.  When she was a little girl, she dreamed of being a professional softball player but now thinks she will attend ISU and major in education.  She wants to be a junior high teacher!  The event she is most looking forward to her senior year is senior send off at her school; “it will bring most of the kids I have been growing up with all of my life together for the last time and it will be extremely emotional but bittersweet.”

Her favorite teacher is Mr. Rees because he was the best teacher she had ever had …. He was my junior high science teacher and he is also the one that has given her the motive to want to be a great teacher like him one day. “I also have a desire to have kids that learn from me and I want to be a great example to them.”  Her favorite school event would have to be football games, “It’s so  cool seeing our huge stadium fill up with all of the students at our school and the community just to cheer on our football team. Fire pit is also a great place to be because all of the school spirit really does help the football players, or so they say!”  Advice to incoming freshman: “High school may seem like it sucks when you get there, but you’ll wish that it would never end because college and adult stuff is scary. so make sure that you go to every event you can and make sure you make the most of it because once that night is gone, you can never get it back.”

Some of Kaitlyn’s hobbies include: Fourwheeling at her grandparents, going fishing (but i will not touch the fish directly), jet skiing  on the lake, and hangout with my family, they are extremely interesting and i always have a good time when i am with them.  She also loves sports – her favorite sport to watch would have to be major league baseball, especially the Cardinals!   Yadier Molina has been my idol for i dont know how long…

This is how Kaitlyn would describe her “perfect day” – the perfect day would start out with a great breakfast with my family, then we would more than likely go swimming in my back yard and it would be 87 degrees. i would soon go to the lake and jet ski some just to then go and play a softball game. around 5 or 6 the game would end and I would have all of my friends with me at my house and we would all watch a movie outside and have a fire and just float around in my pool. If you could not tell, summer is the ideal time period for this!

Three things on her bucket include: Traveling the world (She would love to go to Dubai because she has family friends there, it is an extremely beautiful place, and they have a huge, nice water park  2. Meet at least 20 people and one of the MUST BE Alec Baldwin. 3. Get married, build a family and have 4 kids!

Her heroes are: “My parents because they have had many obstacles throughout their lives with losing loved ones,  losing jobs because of CAT leaving but somehow they saw the greater idea and kept our family successful and raised both my sister and i the best they could. i am extremely grateful for everything they do for me, i cannot stress that enough!”

Here are some of Kaitlyn’s fun favorites and facts:

  1. What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten? Rattlesnake while i was in Arizona, my grandma said it was chicken.
  2. What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done? Zip lining in San Juan
  3. Who is your favorite singer and/or band or song? My favorite singers would have to persist of Bruno Mars, Beyonce, Arinana Grande, Ed Sheeran, and Rihanna. i love all of these people because their music is not only catchy, but meaningful. I also love older bands like Journey and Queen just because I am able to sing with my parents on songs of their generation. I also like a band named Umphrees Mcgee because my uncle is the drummer and watching him perform and have a overall good time doing what he does is super cool
  4. My favorite family trip was a Disney Cruise because everyone was so together and seeing all of my favorite disney characters and spending time with everyone was so great. Also i will never forget it because it was my first time ever jet skiing and my mom was  awful at driving the jetski.
  5. What is your favorite family holiday tradition?  For Halloween each year we would spend the entire night before carving pumpkins. courtney and i were never able to cut all of the way through the pumpkin so my dad would have to do all of the hard work and we basically picked out the design and emptied the pumpkin and it was always gross but fun-filled taking out all of the gunk because the seeds were great after.
  6. What is your favorite childhood memory? When i was in 10u at a softball tournament the storms that hit us in decatur were so bad we all had to hold down the canopies that parents brought and while all of us 10 year olds were screaming bloody murder by how scared we were a porter-potty tipped over with someone in it. we always look back and laugh at that but i doubt that guy does.
  7. What’s your favorite family recipe and why? Tatertot caserole because it is THE BEST!
  8. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? Steak, cheesy potatoes, green beans, and an apple pie.
  9. What is the best thing about your Mom/Dad? They are extremely understanding and they help me with anything and everything. whenever i need help on anything they are there in an instant. especially my dad, being that he is my softball coach and everything.
  10. Nicknames: kc, real original. but my softball coach calls me KC and the Sunshine band whenever i am up to bat!
  11. Something random and fun about yourself: I have five uncles but 13 great uncles.

“A moment i am most proud of is when our team last year got 5th in state after we had many people doubt us and say that we were worse than the A team. the A team ended up getting 13th and it might have been the best feeling beating everyone’s standards.”


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