Bailey Shoemaker | Class of 2019 Shelby Senior | Dunlap High School

June 29, 2018

Hello Beautiful!!

Meet Bailey Shoemaker, Class of 2019 senior from Dunlap High School.  Bailey is the milk to my cookies, the moon to my stars, the peanut butter to my jelly, and the sprinkles on my sundae, LOL!  What I mean really is…. I could hang out with her every day, every minute, all of the time because she is this little package of sunshine that brings happiness to everyone she meets. #truth

And besides that, she is a dog lover just like me!!  This is her pup, Lexi who is full of personality and almost as photogenic as Bailey! Watching Bailey’s IG stories of her and Lex crack me up 🙂

“I am a talkative girl with an outgoing personality! I am confident in who I am as a person and in the decisions that I make, and am very passionate about the things I pursue. I love a good challenge and I live life with a “What Would Jesus Do?” mentality. Some of my favorite things are: puppies, traveling, baking, photography, singing, playing the guitar, ukulele, and piano, and going to church! My ultimate goal in life is to spread the word, the light, and the love of Jesus Christ by demonstrating patience and compassion towards others each and every day!   was adopted from China when I was ten months old and have been moving around the world with my family since then! I love the thrill of trying new things; though it can be scary, you have to live your life to the fullest! I have always been fascinated with photography and the concept of capturing glimpses of people’s lives in snapshots.”

Bailey has a crazy busy schedule.  She participates in Dunlap High School’s Master Chorale, the Speech Team, Student Council, and she’s a member of Interact Club. Outside of school, she is a small group leader at her church and attends youth group weekly.  Bailey said that she enjoys all of her classes! “I’m not the best at math but I like learning new things and constantly having a challenge. I find history very interesting and I love learning about government/ law. Choir is my “getaway” class where I can have fun and forget about all the craziness of high school! All of my favorite teachers are so passionate about what they do and exhibit kindness and enthusiasm!”  A moment she is most proud of is the feeling of accomplishments when she finishes a speech tournament.  “This year, I made it to the state series and it was such an awesome feeling to be representing my school in my event. I achieved so much this season and I give all the glory to God!”  Outside of school, some of her hobbies include singing, walking Lexi, playing guitar/piano/ukulele, taking pictures, baking, and spending time with her family.  Advice to incoming freshman: “Don’t be afraid of what others may think; go out there, be bold, be brave, be you, and remember that high school only comes once in a lifetime!”

After graduating high school, she wants to attend Texas Christian University in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas to study Pre-Law.. . “There is a lot of work and responsibility that comes with adulthood, but I do not want to let that stop me from exploring my interests when I’m older; I aspire to travel more, be a part of a worship team at the church I attend in the future, and pursue photography as a hobby or even side job! My family and I love warm weather, so ideally, we will live in close proximity to one another in a sunny place! Family means everything to me and plays such an important role in my life, so I look forward to the day when I get to have one of my own!”

Three things on her bucket list include 1. Graduating college and loving her job 2. Getting married, having kids, and living close to her family in a warm place, and to be Happy and Love life!

I asked Bailey to describe her perfect day.  Her answer was detailed and fantastic!!!

1) Wake up to a sunny day and bake something yummy for breakfast (muffins, pancakes etc.)
2) Go for a nice walk outside with my family
3) Get ready for the day and wear a cute, summery outfit!
4) Eat lunch out with family/ friends
5) Go to a Taylor Swift concert! (Love me some T-Swift)
6) Go to church and get my worship on!
7) Eat dinner
8) Come home and watch a movie with the family (and eat lots of junk food)
9) Puppy snuggles!
10) Take a refreshing bath and get ready for bed
11) Bed time!

The best things about her parents are: “They will support me and love me no matter what! They only want the best for me and they are such selfless, loving people!  I asked Bailey to name her hero and she said: “Jesus Christ! He is my Savior, my best friend, and my number one fan! I know He is always there for me and that He will never ever let me down”

Here are some of Bailey’s fun favorites and facts:

  1. The most unusual thing she has ever eaten is Shark Fin Soup
  2. Favorite holiday – Christmas all the way!
  3. Favorite holiday tradition – Preparing the Thanksgiving Meal, over eating, and then going into a food coma together as we watch a fun movie!
  4. Most daring thing she has ever done – Sang in front of hundreds of people at a festival!
  5. Favorite family trip – “Australia! My whole family was able to come and we traveled around the amazing continent together for two weeks. It was just such a beautiful, fun experience that I’ll never forget!”
  6. Favorite family recipe – “My mom’s butternut squash recipe! (I know it doesn’t sound so tasty, but it has Vanilla-Wafers in it” ( Enough said.)
  7. If she could eat only one meal for the rest of her life it would be her mom’s curry with rice, edamame, and naan
  8. Favorite singers/Band – Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, and Hillsong Worship are my favorites!
  9. If she could travel anywhere in the world, she would go to Africa. “I feel like Africa is such an beautiful country with such interesting culture and I would love to visit there with my family and get to go on a Safari ride!”
  10. Something fun and random: “I cried the first time my mom made me try ketchup (I was young and a very picky eater)”


Bailey looks so good in blue! She has amazing style and knew exactly what to wear for senior pictures!

The Illinois River never looked so pretty!!!







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