April Showers Bring May Flowers Inspired Session | Class of 2019 #shelbyseniors

May 7, 2018

The Class of 2019 celebrated Spring with an April Showers Bring May Flowers themed photo shoot!  April was rough and we canceled our first scheduled day because of freezing temps.  Things always happen for a reason, I’m glad we held off because when the re-scheduled date came around, it was starting to green up and there were two beautiful flowering trees and plenty of sunshine for some amazing pictures! I asked the seniors to wear something floral to celebrate Spring.. aren’t these outfit amazing!!  One of my favorite shoots ever!

Carter is a lucky man! Surrounded by pretty ladies!


Alexis’s style.. loving it!




I love a “flowy” arm! Photographs so cute and you can do so many fun poses with this style! Allie <3

Obsessed with those freckles, green eyes, and red hair!!  Allison

My camera LOVES Alycia! Those eyes though!

Anna … I just can’t even….. handle you child!!

Pretty in pink!! Ashly is the sweetest!!  So pretty

My small and spunky and BEAUTIFUL Ashton! Loving that flower crown.

Bailey is a chameleon in front of the camera.. so many looks and all gorgeous!






Blair and her momma!!  Look more like sister, don’t you think! Beauty runs in the family

Braxton… I just LOVE her!  And her brother, Sheldon is a cutie too!

Brooke.. I’ll say it now and I’l say it forever.. I could take her picture ALL day Long!!  Beautiful!

Can I just tell you how lucky I am to have this guy on my model team!!??  One of the most genuine, sweetest guys EVER!!

Chloe is a ray of sunshine!!!  Love this girl.. and check out her beautiful grandma too!!  I mean seriously!!

Claire loves her family and tells me often how much she appreciates this guy!!!

For the record..Elizabeth’s family, the BEST!!  Soooo sweet!!  I love having Elizabeth on my model team!




I know what you’re thinking.. … you’re thinking… “is it a requirement for your mom to be a total babe to be a Shelby senior model?”  LOL.. by the looks of the mamas and their seniors, you would think the answer is YES!  But I assure you that it’s not a requirement, LOL! Gorgeous mother/daughter duo.. and best friends!



Hunter and her baby sister!!  Absolutely precious.. I’m obsessed with these two!

Jackson and his beautiful mama!!  We tend to text daily, LOL!  I’m so proud to have this guy on my model team!

Kaitlyn… the most contagious smile.  I always have to take a double take at her.. she turns my head!!

Kenzie is such a natural beauty!!!  And so natural in front of the camera too!


Kharalee has a wonderful family and the cutest baby brother!!  Pretty in pink!!!  Love this girl


Mckenzie is so graceful and so darn pretty!!!!!  I was happy that she brought her sweet cousin for a photo!

Meagan had me at “hello”  She’s a sweetie and a beauty!

Last year, I photographed Nicole and her little brother. When I found out that she was going to be a senior, I secretly wished really really hard that she would be a Shelby Senior!!  I wished and received the best wish!

When Noelle is in front of my camera… I JUST CANT STOP!!  🙂


Paige is a classic beauty!!!!!!  I love her hair.. love her smile.. love her style!  And her dad’s pretty cute too!


Rachel and her sweet cousin! We tried really hard for a smile… it almost happened!!

Sydney’s sister, Hope is a past Shelby Senior!!  I am blessed to be able to capture both sister!!  Beautiful!

Love my sweet Tessa! She charms my camera EVERY time!

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